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Design Inspiration

Thailand pool villa

Nestling amid the enchanting peaks of the Dongrak Mountain Range, in the North East of the country, you'll encounter the enchanting and positively blissful Muthi Maya hideaway. Designed with tranquillity in mind, our luxurious hideaway, with its sumptuous interiors and facilities, has everything you're ever likely to need to revitalise the body and mind. As is evident throughout, we've drawn inspiration for our magical oasis of calm from the natural glories which surround us and the results are breathtaking to say the least. If a guest is looking for exclusivity, then our establishment will most certainly thrill and delight. Amid the lush surrounding forest environment we've managed to create something which is one of a kind and without question a Khao Yai resort break is an experience which will long remain in the memory. The setting simply couldn't be better, tropical forests, mountain tops cloaked in magical morning mists, hanging figs, copious varieties of native ferns and of course enough wildlife to keep everyone happy. If there is such a thing as paradise on earth, then this is probably it! Mother Nature has provided many wonderful gifts within the region's oldest National Park and the addition of our tranquil hideaway is quite simply the crowning glory. For anyone who's looking for high end boutique style accommodation, which goes above and beyond anything that's previously been experienced, our wonderfully tranquil retreat has some magical secrets it would love to share with you. Muthi Maya makes all of your dreams come true!

Khao Yai resort

For a National Park to receive a UNESCO world heritage site seal of approval you know that is has to be something special. And from the moment that guests enter the Dongrak Mountain Range, via the plateau of Nakon Ratchasima, they are left in no doubt that what they see before them is something truly magical and spiritual. As far as we're concerned there is no finer location for our luxurious boutique style accommodation and our sympathetic approach to design has resulted in a haven that offers the ultimate experience and at the same time blends effortlessly into the surroundings of the National Park. Think National Park sanctuaries and in no uncertain terms we want you to think Muthi Maya! The most amazing golf resort Khao Yai in existence prides itself on its endless list of superior facilities and of course on the great services that it offers to guest from around the world. It's hard to imagine that it's possible to combine serene relaxation with the ultimate in golfing challenges, but this is most definitely what's in store for all those who take the plunge and book accommodation at Muthi Maya. Fancy indulging yourself in a sweet scented aromatherapy bath? If so take a gentle stroll to the Maya Spa, where you'll find a divine list of treatments, which are designed with relaxation and wellbeing in mind. Or maybe you want to emulate your favourite players on the tournament standard course, whatever takes your fancy, we're happy to oblige.

Pool Villa Khao Yai

Our divine retreat appeals on so many fronts and having the National Park and its endless list of outdoor activities right on our doorstep certainly gives us the added 'wow' factor that many guests are looking for. Visitors to South East Asia, who are looking for a new destination that offers awe inspiring woodland hikes and adrenalin fuelled past times like kayaking and rafting, will be thrilled that they have chosen Muthi Maya and the region's oldest National Park for their latest break. The accommodation couldn't be better placed for accessing the 50 kilometres of hiking trails and from there the chance to see some of the world's finest wildlife, including red jungle fowl, Asiatic black bears, gibbons, tigers and even elephants. All this is a mere stone's throw from the Thailand pool villa and to say that the guest is at the heart of it all is something of an understatement! Naturally, after a full day enjoying the 'fruits' of the park, dining and relaxation are going to be the activates foremost in most guest's minds. And in no uncertain terms, the relaxation facilities and dining experiences on offer at Muthi Maya are amongst the finest to be found anywhere. What could be more enjoyable than plunging into your own private pool and then stretching out on a comfortable day bed and taking in the panoramic views? And of course once darkness falls you'll be well placed to gaze at the stars from your superior vantage point.

Golf resort Khao Yai

Regardless of whether you're an upwardly mobile executive or a tourist visiting from abroad, the Muthi Maya haven will provide you with an idyllic environment which is akin to paradise. Contemporary accommodation of the very highest specification it certainly is, but what this retreat has to offer reaches much further than providing convivial hotel accommodation. When was the last time you had your own personal butler to attend to your needs when you checked into a hotel? And if you're celebrating a special occasion, or just want to experience the 'high life', wouldn't having an executive chef personally preparing a barbeque of fine steak on your terrace be most agreeable? The superb pool villa Khao Yai certainly stands alone with regards to what it has to offer the guest and the dedicated team of staff are only too willing to make sure everyone's stay is exceptional in every sense of the word. Every centimetre of the 164 square metre room size is designed with sublime comfort in mind and we're confident that we've covered every eventuality, even down to providing Wi-Fi access and a comfortable pair of bedroom slippers. Broaden your horizons and head to the region's oldest and perhaps most beautiful National Park this year, believe us, you'll be pleased you did! A round of your favourite game amongst the natural panoramic vistas of the Dongrak Mountain Range is indeed a pleasurable experience, but then again, everything about Muthi Maya and Kirimaya is exceptional in one way or another.